About Elliot

Elliot Director is a writer, teacher, activist and community organizer. An expatriate from academia and higher education, he holds degrees in Russian Literature (BA, Smith College, 2006), Women’s Studies (MA, San Diego State University, 2008) and American Culture Studies (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 2016). His work centers intersectional queer witchcraft, pagan and witch parenting, and always includes a focus on toppling binaries, fighting for social justice, and supporting community growth and connection. By day Elliot works at The Witches Box, a monthly box-and-book subscription service dedicated to connecting and empowering witches from all walks of life. He is also the founder of Raising Witches, a project dedicated to supporting witch and pagan parents, where he blogs at the Candles and Crayons column and will be hosting the forthcoming Raising Witches podcast.

He practices with his partner, their child, and an amazing witch community in Northeast Ohio.