Online writing

Elliot is currently writing at Raising Witches, and has written at The Witches Box and Patheos Pagan’s Agora. Past writing includes:

Raised, Raising, and Razing: Adventures in witchy parenting

This project is a love letter to to those who have lifted up witchy parents and their kids as much as it is a wish for those parents and kids themselves.

Essential reads for queer and trans witches (and especially allies)

The time for tolerance – or even acceptance – of queer and trans witches has long passed. Now, we’re asking you not to just accept us – but to do the work of supporting and celebrating us

In praise of Pagan social justice warriors

…it means that if we want to stay relevant, we need to begin to welcome pagan social justice warriors, to truly listen to what they’re saying and why they’re saying it

Honor, ancestors, and being trans at Samhain

As a non-binary, trans witch, the knowledge that I am not ever alone, that this connection endures and that this sacred tapestry is one that I’ll be a part of someday gives me comfort, even more than the grief I carry knowing all that we have lost.


Elliot was also able to contribute a short piece about gender and the elements in Astrea Taylor’s book Air Magic (Elements of Witchcraft, Book 2), released in April 2021. Air Magic can be ordered here.